Thursday, November 19, 2009

Getting Over the Camera Strap Cover Craze

Woot!  Woot!  I just mailed out two camera strap covers, and there's now only two left in my shop!  They've been on clearance quite some time now, as I'm happy to report that I'm phasing them out of my shop.  What helped begin my small business career may soon be sold out (fingers crossed!!)... or extinct.

I began my Esty shop with bookmarks and camera strap covers.  I still love to make the bookmarks, but  it took me most of yesterday evening to make just one camera strap cover.   They're simple to make, and unfortunately, have virtually no creative input after choosing the fabrics.  So "ADD Jill," as my husband so affectionately calls me, kicks in.  I probably wasted two hours instead of twenty minutes.  However, the camera strap covers have become a very important part of the history of SewBeans.

Starting something new is always difficult, but especially when it's as personal as your own business!  It is very exciting at first, but once you dive in, you realize how much time a business, even a small one, takes.  A lot of time, energy, decisions and money went into starting my shop.   What I wanted to make, who I wanted to sell to, how to price, how to photography my items, how to describe my items, how to re-photograph my items, what I wanted my avatar to be....  There was quite a learning curve, and the camera strap covers suffered through it.  I had to start exploring my business with something...I'm so excited to be moving on!

It's my choice not to make camera strap covers anymore;  I want to keep moving forward, soul searching and reinventing myself.  One thing I have realized, is that I don't want a camera strap cover shop.  But if it weren't for those camera strap covers, I might not even have a shop!

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  1. You know. I understand what you are saying completly. They got my shop going over a year ago and I think I am going to start lowering my inventory and trying out some new things. The only problem is whenever I think about it I get a big order.