Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bird Brained

I'm off to a baby shower this afternoon, but before I drop off the gift, here's a peak at the packaging!  My friend decked out her nursery with I had to follow suite! 

I found a crafty pom-pom bird kit while bargain hunting containing four birds that were so simple to put together.  The kit even came with a little bottle of glue, and it was as easy as gluing the eyes and pre-cut beaks to a small pom-pom, then gluing that to a larger pom-pom, adding on the pre-cut tail and twisting together some little pipe cleaner feet.  It would have been a simple project without the kit!

I adorned some faux dogwood branches with the birds, then stuck them in a gift bag, that also matches the nursery's colors!  I hope she loves it!

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