Friday, November 13, 2009

Another Happy Friday!

I give up; I can't find my fabric scissors.  Hysterical, right?  No, but I'll surely be hysterical if I can't find the corkscrew!  Now that I think about it, my blog was trying to tell me something.  It's five o'clock on Friday, which means it's time to put the scissors down (for now) and partake in my favorite Friday evening festivities: wine, pizza and a good movie!  

While I've got you here, I figure I'll share an intriguing tea infuser I found online today:

Made by Trudeau, this silicone tea infuser comes in three different colors and has a bendable "stem" that wraps over the edge of your teacup.  A beautiful design, I'm curious to know how well it infuses...

Off to get the pizza out of the oven!

1 comment:

  1. That looks like a great little infuser and I'm thinking a good holiday gift for the tea drinker. I bet the silicone helps it not to stain, too.