Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Good Coffee, Bad Coffee

Beware:  This is a biased, un-blind taste test. 

I've muscled though this canister of the bad coffee too long to sit in silence.  If I had to describe both the flavor and aroma in one word, it would be "blah."  Unless, I'm smelling the cinnamon, cloves and cardamom that I've infused into the latest carafe.  Then my word might be: "manageable."

It's not that I'm a coffee snob; it's just that I like my coffee.   At Wa-wa I go straight for the "regular."  However, back to being a snob, the basis for comparison in my household is Starbuck's Whole Bean Breakfast Blend.  It was the staple...until I realized I could buy a large can of Maxwell House or Folgers for the same price as a small bag of Starbucks.  As they both sport a label boasting a nice, mild breakfast blend, I decided it was worth giving them a try.  (Immediately, whole bean flies out the window.  Isn't that novel?  No dirty grinder to clean up!)

So here it is:  Maxwell House Breakfast Blend vs. Folgers Breakfast Blend

Maxwell House was on sale first, and therefor, first up to bat.  From my recollection, the Maxwell House Breakfast Blend tasted just like the Starbucks.  (A home run, right?)  One whiff of that sweet aroma and I'm standing at the ready, cup in hand.  Then the first sip, and I've conveniently forgotten being snuggled up in bed, pinned between two cats a mere fifteen minutes ago.  Oooo, the "flavor lock" lid snaps right back into place!

Okay, I think you've caught on to my biased, un-blind taste test.  Refer to the top of this post, and infer how the second half of this taste test proceeded.  Let's just call Maxwell House Breakfast Blend the good coffee, pour a second cup and get on with the rest of the morning...my sewing machine awaits!


  1. I'm laughing at this! I'm not a coffee snob either and would never be without the Starbucks Breakfast Blend whole bean coffee. I've tried...really tried HARD...to switch to something else and I just can't do it. The smell is always spot on, but the taste just doesn't cut it for me. I'm one of those that you just "Don't mess with the coffee" kind of gals...if you want me to be nice during the day!
    Happy sewing!!

  2. Thanks! Maxwell House aside, I'll still be first in line for Starbucks' Christmas Blend...