Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Give the Gift They Don't Want to Open

The Second Baby Boom in full force!  No, seriously, it is.  I personally know of someone pregnant in every month from here until May, which is probably why I'm more stressed out about baby gifts than I am Christmas gifts!  On top of all that, I don't like going to baby showers...mostly because I can't stand to be in a room with that much estrogen.  So I tend to hide, and I've learned to give my gifts all the attention.  I craft together gifts that are too cute to be opened!

I enjoy making baby gifts.  They're small, which means the projects usually go together fast, and their themes are cute, sweet and colorful.  (In busy times like these, I do find solace in purchasing those ever so important baby needs off the registry.) But often, I've had so much fun making the gift, I rarely stop there!  I then insist on wrapping the gift with just as much creativity as I can muster. 

For my sister-in-law's first child, I went nuts.  I created an adorable stuffed octopus, and wrapped a custom embroidered onesie into each of its arms.  The octopus sat on a wrapped gift from her registry, and I placed the card (with her name embroidered on a ribbon that was sewn onto the envelope) in the perfect spot so that its face was still a surprise. Clear cellophane bound the whole thing together and colorful ribbons were tied tightly to the top.  It was so darn cute I didn't even want to give it to her; I just wanted to keep it for myself!

So now you can seem my demise, as I glue together pom-pom birds to adorn a gift I'm giving this weekend.  Maybe I should take the time to actually finish the gift...

With all this gift giving, I hope you can be inspired not to just throw your beautifully crafted projects into a gift bag.  Whether it's for a baby shower or Christmas, everyone  in the room should assuredly know that you are the craftiest!

Here's a picture of me with that cute octopus!  "Hexapus" was another creation inspired by Plush-o-rama.

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  1. They do say it is all in the packaging. Your feelings definitely reinforce that!