Monday, November 16, 2009

Chef Jack's Little Apron

Wrapping paper coffee, anyone? 

I didn't think so.  As a preventative measure, just don't let a two-year-old, juiced up on Christmas presents make the coffee!  But do encourage them to be help out, supervised, of course!

Last year, at my sister's request,  I stitched together a two-year-old sized apron for my nephew as a Christmas present.  A super, inexpensive gift idea for a crafty sister!  It's cute and adorable, and he still uses it while helping out  in the kitchen!

At the request, I googled away and found a great free apron pattern online.  (I was still able to find the pattern a year later, and you might even be interested in checking out MB's witty, supafine blog!)  All I purchased to make the apron was one yard of fabric, and I think I still have enough leftover to make a second!

This apron definitely goes in the file as a simple sewing project, and it went together almost too easy to have become such a quality Christmas gift.  Though, never happy with completely following a pattern, I made two apron strings at the top, and two at the sides.  This allows for the apron to be tied with a bow around the neck and the waist for complete adjustment to height and girth.  I also embroidered in the adorable words "Chef Jack" to personalize it for my nephew.  That way, little brother won't try to borrow it.  Another tip, make sure the strings are secure from little tugging hands with some extra stitching.

Don't tell, but I think the next nephew is due for one this Christmas...

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  1. Jill, it looks great! I love the embroidery touch.