Thursday, November 12, 2009

Who needs God when you've got Etsy Karma!

A couple months ago, I attended my first wreath making class.  My friend, a talented and veteran wreath maker, taught the "class" to me and another friend in her basement.  I'd never made a wreath before, but there was only a small learning curve.  We scoured Michaels and AC Moore for grape vine wreaths and fall decor.   When we got to the basement, we attached our finds to the wreath with floral wire.  Simple!   I've been dying to try another one, or two, ever since.  With all my other unfinished projects brushed aside, I was actually hoping to purchase supplies, take some pictures, and post the process to my blog!

Well, last night while "wasting time" on the Etsy Forums, I happened on a post where someone was complaining about their low Etsy sales.  I commiserated.  I've been there...and I've even authored similar posts.  In the forum thread, there were fellow Etsy sellers with great shops and no sales for months!  So I struck! For a mere $9 with shipping, I bought a sweet little knit pumpkin, and I smiled as I thought of that seller frantically circling around their room trying to comprehend their first sale.

I was so proud of my "good deed," I told my husband when he got home.  He wasn't so proud.  All he could see were dollar signs flying faster then the speed of light out the door, and am I actually making money on my Etsy sales??  (Well, not exactly...)

So today, I won't be going out and purchasing supplies for my wreaths.  (I don't want my sweet husband to put me on a budget.)  While trying to decide what to do instead today, I checked my email this morning and couldn't believe my own eyes.  Last night, while I lay snuggled in bed, an item was purchased from my Etsy shop!  Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.  And yes, I do believe in Etsy Karma!

So here's my thought:  I would still like to make two wreaths to go on top of my bookshelves, but the back of my living room could sure use more help than that.  What if I did a blog competition?   Anyone interested in contributing their interior design two cents if I set this up?

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  1. I totally am a believer in karma, so It's not a far jump to Etsy karma :D
    You did a good deed and in turn, the cosmos helped you out! I'm not really one to tell you what to do, but I think a competition would be fun-Maybe see who want's to participate first before you set the whole thing up.
    If you need any help, just let me know!