Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Applique! Oh my!

It's Saturday, so I'm devoting my time to conquer something big!  No, the bathrooms can wait till tomorrow...  I've finally started my first real applique project.  You know, the kind where you use freezer paper and actually turn the edges under.

This quilt project with "easy applique" began nice and strong a couple weeks ago.  With determination I cut all the blocks out, made my applique templates, ironed on the freezer paper and cut out all my shapes.  Then, I proceeded to prepare the circles first. 

Surprisingly easy and fun, I finished half of my circles in one night while watching tv!  I used pre-cut cardstock circles, pinned them onto the fabric and cut a generous 1/4" seam.  With a needle and thread, I sewed small stiches around the edges, then gathered the thread taut to my circles.  A little bit of spray starch and a hot iron and these circles are looking great!

Now, on to the rest of the shapes!  I sprayed starch into a small lid, then using a q-tip, I spread the starch along the edges of the fabric peaking out from under my freezer paper template.  With my regular, big iron, I proceeded to fold over the edges of the fabric onto the freezer paper.  Ugh!   The iron was so clumsy, I kept pressing open the edges I had just pressed closed.  Frustrated, I put the project aside for a little bit...

Unfortunately disgusted by the thought of applique, I still needed to get back into this quilt!  Well, who said money can't buy happiness?  I've always had my eye on those cute little irons in the quilt and craft stores, and it occurred to me that this is what my notion collection was missing!  So this morning, I heated my new little Clover mini iron for the first time.  Wow!  The little edges continually folded over.  An immense improvement, I now have a positive outlook on applique, but I think I will still need some practice. 

So while I'm hacking through the rest of my pile of ironing today, please, if you have any applique tips or tricks for me, I can still use them!


Can you figure out what I'm making?? 

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  1. Where , oh where do you get all your patience? I love to sew, but I think if it didn't work for me the first time, I might have thrown my hands in the air. Looks great!