Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Things in the Mail

I get a lot of junk in the mail.  Mostly catalogs from places I've never ordered, followed by yet another ad for Comcast.  And no, I don't consider that "comcastic."  I try to do my part and recycle most of what comes in the mail, though every so often, I actually get something I want to keep.  Either a purchase from Etsy (hoorah!), or one of my many magazine subscriptions!

I've subscribed to plenty of magazines in my life, but recently due not only to financial reasons, but also because it's been difficult finding the time to read them all, I've widdled down my list and chosen only to subscribe to magazines that truly inspire me.  So without further ado, here's the list of magazines that have entered my mailbox this month:

1.  This Old House

 This might be my favorite magazine to find in my mailbox.  To me, this is real architecture.  I used to scour through old issues at my in-law's house while they sat and chatting around me...I decided I should be a little more polite and just recieve TOH at home.

2.  Martha Stewart Living

After all my posts about her, are we surprised?  The designers at Living get two-thumbs up from me.  I love this magazine's layout, and although I've probably never tried any of the crafts, the colors and images are always so inspirational that they truly get me in the mood for whatever's festive that month.

3.  Everyday Food

 Not more Martha!  Yes...  A recent addition to my collection, I've started cooking a lot more at home and thought a monthly cooking magazine would be a great inspiration.  Last night, I tried the December issue's recipe for Chicken and Chickpea got rave reviews in my house!

4. Better Homes and Gardens

This is what I read instead of People for the latest gossip...well, I at least consider it my equivalent.  It's cheap to subscribe to, filled with easy to read articles, and has enough decent home and garden designs and ideas to keep me subscribing.  I usually read it in an evening, then leave it laying around, thinking that I might try out one or two of the recipes.  I should probably go find those and dust them off now...

5.  Bottom Line/Personal

 Somewhat kitschy, this is actually a bi-monthly newsletter filled with little tid-bits and tips from health, to finance, to common sense.  It's usually a quick read, and my husband and I always find many interesting to discuss from the latest issue. 

 6.  American Patchwork & Quilting

 A better Homes and Gardens family member, this magazine usually is a gift subscription from my mom.  Always great for color inspiration, I maybe once a year actually make one of the quilts and really just love it for reading up on the latest notions and books.  Another favorite is their news stand only Shop Hop edition, that makes me want to jump in my car and travel the country to all the "best" shops.  

7-ish.  Real Simple

This one was a gift subscription that just ended, and I'm including it, because I just got my last one in the mail.  I debated renewing, but this one fell to the axe when I realized my favorite part of it was not the articles, but the clever section dividers in the magazine that appear to be scenes totally made out of paper...not exactly worth the subscription price.

8-ish.  Quilter's Home Magazine

 A guilty pleasure, this one is also an "ish" because I don't subscribe to it, but usually purchase it in the store when I see it.  If it's not silly enough that I don't subscribe to one of my favorites, this is probably the only magazine I read from cover to cover.  The wittiest quilting magazine you'll ever find, there's something to be said about a craft magazine that always includes a recipe for a new cocktail!

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