Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Camera Strap Cover Craze!

Egged on by my sister-in-law, who is always on top of what is hip and trendy, unlike me, I whipped up a few of camera strap covers that slip on over a digital SLR camera strap.  She shared with me the entry on this blog: Camera Strap Cover Tutorial, but I just decided to put one together on my own. Here's the first one I made:

It came out okay, but a little bulky. I added a soft fleece on the inside for padding... but I really didn't think it made any difference in the comfort of the strap.  I think they're really more for spicing up that boring black strap, anyway.

A lot of the straps I made are now for sale on my etsy site.  I think they turned out rather cute...I guess it's too bad that I use a little point-and-shoot and not an SLR.   My husband as one though, and he liked this one so much, he insisted on putting on his camera!

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