Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sugarloafs and Sugar Loafs

Another jam-packed weekend has left me gasping for air, and it's only Sunday morning! Piles of laundry and dust bunnies in the corners continue to grow substantially. (...I thought I'd get to those by last Thursday.) Another cough and moan echoes from around the corner, but I'm without a care.  A cranberry walnut muffin in hand and coffee at my side, I'm preparing for another busy day!  But enough about today, this post is about yesterday's Sugarloaf and sugar loafs! 

First, Sugarloaf.  After a busy morning preparing some packages for the mail, my girlfriend and I headed out to Oaks, PA to the Sugarloaf Craft Festival.  We purused the aisles of hundreds of fellow crafts, and to keep from total exhaustion, we only entered when something caught our eyes.  We had a great time, and I was so busy anxiously peaking around the corners and to the next booth, that I forgot to take any pictures!  So in retrospect, here are the items that I deemed worthy enough to be purchased!

The first item I purchase was a bottle of Berkshire Sweet Gold Pure Maple Syrup.  For some unknown reason, I was absolutely smitten when I stumbled across this booth.   Truly "pure gold," I sampled four unique flavors of syrup and finally settled on a bottle of the "light."  I can't wait to try it in recipes or as a simple syrup in my next mojito!

I found that I tended to be drawn towards the items I can't make myself,  (and the little fleece penguin hats for my nephews were very tempting!)  so my next find was a small pewter ornament of the Cape Hatteras Light from the House of Morgan Pewter.  Beautiful pewter pendants and ornaments sparkled throughout this booth.  It was probably the fact that these are made in North Carolina that I finally decided on the indigenous light house...or maybe it was because I couldn't stand there all day deciding!

 Finally, I picked up a tin of Ducky Life Tea.  I am not surprised to recall that my favorite aisles in the Craft Festival were the ones with booth after booth of outstretched arms donning food samples!  Since I'm on a recent green tea kick, this tin of Doreen's Green Classical Chai smelled too good to pass up.

And now for sugar loafs!  After the Sugarloaf Festival, I talked my ailing husband into going to the new Wegman's Market in Collegeville.  A crafter's got to eat!  Let me just say, he thanked me afterwards for taking him there!  If you've never been to a Wegman's make a special trip to go.  Along the lines of Ukrop's, Trader Joes or Stew Leonards, Wegman's is the mecca of all things wonderful that can be shoved into one supermarket.  Enter my sugar loaf: a cranberry walnut muffin!  We also purchased some sushi, that didn't make it home, and some turkey bean chili and sourdough bread for dinner.  We finished the day snuggled up with our chili watching Superman.  (Can you believed I'd never seen it?)

Now that my coffee is empty, I've got to be off and running again. Do me a favor, and call so I can at least move the laundry out of the way before you stop by!

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