Thursday, November 5, 2009

The World's Best Crappy Cup of Coffee

Yesterday, while watching another snowy commercial during the World Series, I nonchalantly said, "I'm not ready for all this cold and snow, which inevitably leads up to Christmas."  A numbifying response came from around the corner, "There's only seven weeks until Christmas!"

Only?!?  Ugh.  I am summer, not winter.  However, salvation came in a "crappy" cup of coffee this morning, literally.

I am a movie junky.  Growing up, all my friends and I ever did was sit around and watch movies (how else is it possible I can still repeat ever line in Aladdin?), and now, I'm married to the king of movie quotes.  Just press play, and you'll receive the perfect cinematic reference in any situation.   So to me, Christmas and winter is snuggling up by the pellet stove and popping in those classics.  It's a Wonderful Life?  No...  Christmas Vacation?  Yes!  "Is there sugar in syrup? ...Then yes!"

Okay, now you're thinking I've lost my marbles, along with my rotary cutter.  Hang in there, I'm getting to the crafty part.  My favorite Christmas movie, and possibly favorite movie, is Elf.  There's something about a grown man dressed in yellow tights that gets me every time, oh, and the end of the movie never fails to make me cry, happy tears of course.

Last winter, my husband and I were dabbling in photography and coffee cups.  You just upload your pictures to your favorite photo publishing site, and a week later in the mail, you get a personalized mug...quite often of your own mug.  Well, who said it had to be a picture?  A little bit of editing in Photoshop, and you can put anything you want to on that mug!

Inspired by the movie, Elf, we created our own "World's Best/Crappy Cup of Coffee" mug.  In Photoshop, we created the text and image for a two sided mug.  We then uploaded our "text pictures" to Costco's photo labs and about a week and a half later, we had personalized coffee mugs from our favorite movie!   The possibilities are endless.  Ah, I can just hear the gears in your head squeaking away as you think of what clever phrase you could put on a mug...

...Back to my lack of winter bliss, I think the solution is to start watching Christmas November.  Today, I might be enjoying a crappy cup of coffee, but tomorrow, I might just be feeling a little more of the "world's best."  Though, we'll see if I'm ready for Christmas shopping by Black Friday!

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  1. LMAO!!! That is great!! (You should put them into your Etsy shop!!! Hahahha!!!)