Sunday, November 1, 2009

Vote for a better Powder Room!

Now that it's November, it's time for my powder room!  So I'm being a little silly, but seriously, my powder room needed some TLC.  The only thing I like about the downstairs powder room is the tile floor and wainscoting.  The tile shimmers in the sunlight and stretches from our mudroom into the powder room.  However, I still never felt very invited into the room enough to use it ...


The trim in the powder room was a pinkish tan and the walls were dark red.  (I took my "before" pictures a little too late, after I had already painted the walls light tan...oh, and don't get me started on how the previous owner loved various shades of pink.) The dark red on the walls made an unusually small powder room even smaller.  A small (ugly) mirror hung on the wall to the right of the sink with a similarly, small towel ring that never seemed to fit any towels.  The window never had any treatments, which made for an overall, dull room.


 Now that I'm finished, I actually want to use my powder room!  The tan on the walls really lightens the room and make it feel larger, and the brown trim (that I had to constantly remind myself wasn't melted chocolate while painting) accents the tile perfectly.  My husband mounted a full size mirror on the wall to the left of the toilet, and a glass shelf and towel bar to the right of the sink.  Now I have a place to put tissues and room for several towels!  (Enjoying the simple thing in life!)  My favorite part is, of course, the curtains I made!  A first attempt at making curtains, and I'm very proud!

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