Monday, January 11, 2010

Chewing on Eyeballs!

While reading through one of the many Etsy emails that pop into my inbox, a pair of eyeballs caught my own eyes!  I clicked on the image to find hannpt's irresistible cat toys peering back at me.  The price was right and my poor kitties didn't get much for Christmas, so I decided to add to my growing collection of Etsy finds!

An odd shape for a cat toy, Catnip Eyeballs are filled with organic catnip and made from recycled sweatshirt material.  As soon as the mail came in the door, my two cats were swarming!  They could smell the sweet catnip seeping out of the sealed envelope.   Within seconds of opening the package, they each claimed their own eyeball and frantically chased, bit and licked their new toy.  Unfortunately, one of them is already MIA.  It will be a good day when it's finally found!

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