Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Another Camera Strap Cover?!


So, it turns out that I'm still not done making camera strap covers...I scored a custom order for one over the weekend!  The buyer found my last remaining camera strap cover on Etsy, and noticed that I am able to personalize them.   With a little bit of back-and-forth,  I agreed to create the camera strap cover he was looking for, which was nothing like the one in the listing!  We found fabric he liked by viewing other items in my shop (and I still happen to have enough of), then he added the personalized embroidery and padding to the design of the strap.

The fabrics in this camera strap are two of my favorites!  I also enjoy adding the  fancy stitching to my camera strap covers; the detailing gives them a nice, finished look.  However, a little secret, I hate adding the padding.  I think it makes the straps look bulky.  I guess it's the price you pay for comfort.

 So I'm thinking about adding a listing for customized camera strap covers...but I'm not sure.  I currently have some other ideas brewing that I hope to work on soon!

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