Sunday, January 3, 2010

Creating Your Custom Onesie

Every SewBeans Customized Onesie starts with a new Gerber Brand Onesie.

With an overwhelming spectrum of colored thread to choose from, I've narrowed down the perfect palette that gives a sweet whimsical look to your custom onesie.  Of course, I'm happy to swap around any colors!

Stabilizer is the key to machine embroidery and helps keep the threads in place and prevent holes in delicate fabrics.  Every SewBeans Onesie is made with 3 different kinds of stabilizer!  One gets torn away, one is removed with heat, and the last one stays with the garment to  keep the embroidery secure.  Don't worry, it's nice and soft and can be carefully cut away if you don't like it.

Because of CPSIA laws, each Onesie gets a tag with my shop name, the place of manufacturing, and the date of manufacturing.  The tag is tucked away where you'll never see it, and baby's diaper makes a nice cushion between the tag and his skin!

I have special software that lets me create any text!  Just remember, it has to fit on one of those little onesies!

I love making these adorable onesies!  They all look so cute when they're finished, and it warms my heart to think about all those couples anxiously awaiting their little "me."

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  1. These onesies are so adorable! I customized one to include the nickname my close friends call their baby and they loved it! Jill also sends the onesies in beautiful handmade packaging ready for giving - highly recommended!