Friday, January 15, 2010

More Than a Hill of Beans: Where's My Rotary Cutter?

To start off the very first Friday blog feature, More Than a Hill of Beans, I’ve chosen to feature my very own blog, Where is My Rotary Cutter?!

Okay, so you probably think I'm a brat featuring my own blog, which I am, but seriously, it is a pretty cool blog about crafting, sewing, and the occasional yummy treat.   I love reading it; doesn’t everyone?!?

You know, I’m not always so self-centered. My blog isn’t always all about me. I’ve enjoyed posting entries that have shared my greater interest in the field of craft and crafts, and I've lovingly given recognition to others when it’s deserved! …oh. I get it. That’s what this “Friday Feature” post should be about…

Take a gander at my sidebar to the right. See the listing of websites entitled “Other place to go when you lose your rotary cutter??” Well, I’ve realized that the world of crafting is a lot more than those popular blogs sitting in my side bar (you know, the ones we all like to read and aspire to); the world of crafting is about you and me, making what we can in our spare time, between work and choir practice, walking the dog and taking the kids to the park; (or is it taking the kids for a walk and the dog to the park?) and our devotion to the handmade and, dare I say it, homemade world that keeps the spirit of craft alive.  We love being our own artists and artisans, not always purchasing items that are mass marketed and off an assembly line. It's us, and our little blogs and little internet shops, that are the most loyal and closest to the heart of the art form.  Where would those other blogs be if we weren't so devoted to reading them during our precious lunch breaks?!? 

So to my fellow crafters, soak this all up, and become a part of my blog!  I’m inviting anyone with a crafty blog, and, of course, a loyal follower of this blog, to be added to my sidebar.  Just leave me a comment with your blog site. I can’t wait to make this blog feature a little more of all of us! 

*** This year, to make my life a little easier and yours a little more interesting, I've decided to provide my own rendition of the ever-so-popular "Friday Feature." Not only is it a chance for me to take a little break at the end of the week, after all, it is Friday, but also a chance to for me to share something “cool” I’ve seen during the week.  In the spirit of SewBeans, this More Than a Hill of Beans blog post will appear usually on Fridays and spotlight something or someone in the arts, crafts and/or design worlds. *** 

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