Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Jones Soda

MrBeans turned the big '3-0' this month, and although he said he didn't want to do anything special, I knew that it wouldn't be a very special birthday if it went uncelebrated.  So I threw him a surprise birthday party at one of his favorite restaurants!

Maybe this isn't very crafty, but I really enjoyed "creating" the favors for his party.  At you can customize bottles of soda with your uploaded pictures.  I borrowed a couple of toddler pictures from his mom and ordered two cases of soda.  I was nervous about the quality of the scanned images, but they came out perfectly!  Everyone at the party raved.  I picked root beer and berry lemonade, which is now my favorite because it reminds me of eating blue freezer pops as a kid!  Although shipping was a little high (hey, none of the bottles broke!), these were totally worth the memories and mementos that they created!


  1. That is so AWESOME! I had no idea that you could do that :D
    I'll have to keep that in mind for my 21st this year(I hope to have a big bash since it's the big 2-1).
    I'm glad you all had a great time at the party-Please tell your husband Happy Birthday for me!

  2. Happy 30th Birthday to Mr. Beans! I love the personalized soda idea. Very cool.