Friday, January 1, 2010

5 Spools of Thread

A new year means new rules!  Where is my rotary cutter? moves into the next decade, and it's important to set standards.  I love to sew, and with all the beautiful patterns and books on the subject, I end up following a lot of them.  (Of course, it's easier to purchase fabric and follow someone's design than come up with your own!)

So, I want to introduce my new rating system, a way to track and compare all of the projects I've made from patterns. After rating the last movie I watched from Netflicks, I decided that the Netflick's star rating system would be perfect! Though, instead of stars, I thought it would be more appropriate to rate with spools of thread!
So here it is: 5 Spools of Thread, SewBean's rating system.

One Spool 
Hated It: The pattern maker should fire their editor for letting them publish this botched mess.  I started making a dress but ended up with a quilt?  Where did I go wrong?  (I hope I don't have to ever use this rating!)

Two Spools
Didn't Like It:  Did someone bother to check this pattern?  I didn't want to be the one to do it, but at least it looks the way it should.

Three Spools
Liked It: A decent pattern, and everything came out the way it should.  I was even able to make improvements.

Four Spools
Really Liked It:  This was a fun project! I'll keep it around in case I have a reason to make another one.

Five Spools
Loved It:  I'm not putting this pattern away; I'm making another one tomorrow!

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