Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Furniture!

Ah, hog heaven! I'm a neat freak, and today, I finally got all my ribbon out of piles on the bookshelf and organized!

With some extra Christmas money quickly burning holes in my pockets, I jumped at the end of holiday sales and picked up a swell Making Memories Embellishment Center!  With minimal expletives, my husband hung my new shelving unit on the wall, and before he had a chance to put the tools away, I'd hung my ribbon and filled the coordinating jars with spools of thread.

I've still got a couple more shelves to fill up, but I'm sure that won't be difficult.  Overall, I would recommend this shelving unit if you're looking for a place to store your craft goodies and ribbon.  It has a clean, sophisticated look and is decently constructed.  Unfortunately, it was difficult to hang because the holes on the back weren't even and the dowel rods holding the ribbon are slightly warped.  The jars, purchased separately, are made of thin plastic, but I love that they're super clear to peer through and perfectly fit into the cubbyholes.  (Because they were designed to!)   I'm a happier and better organized little piggy with my new Embellishment Center!

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