Friday, February 5, 2010

More than A Hill of Beans: Loops and Purls


As a 'jill'-of-all-trades, I've some experience that long, stringy thing called yarn.  This is, if knitting a couple of scarves counts.  Unfortunately, I'm more into stitches and basting than loops and purls, which goes to say, I didn't make this adorable apple.  (I purchased it from Paige of Little Bird Crochet on Etsy who beautifully constructed it for me!)  In fact, I really don't know much about yarn crafts.  Knitting, crocheting, two needles, one needle, casting, purling...whatever....  But when I saw these Spiral Rib Leg Warmers on the Purl Bee, I was a little upset with my lacking talents. 


It just so happens that these are exactly what I was looking for!  (I was looking for legwarmers?!?)  With the Blizzard of 2010 heading up the east coast tonight, I can't hire someone fast enough to make me these.  So much for keeping my legs warm in the snow...

Not all is lost in my inability to knit.  In fact, I find it fortunate that I don't sew and knit.  I can only assume that while us quilt-y girls (and boys) love our fabric, those knit-ty girls probably love their yarn.  So while I'm keeping my home skein free, a girl can still dream.  If I could choose some yarn tonight, I might pick up some of these, also from PurlSoho, for my legwarmers:

True to the pattern:  Manos Del Uruguay 5-ply Merino in Dove
Farmhouse Yarns  Lumpy Bumpy in Burgundy

Lornas Laces  Fisherman in Firefly

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  1. Thanks for the mention! :)

    And yes, once you get started buying yarn, there's no going back, really. I think crochet and knitting books should warn people of the dangers and how you will have to add-on to your home to make room for it. Yikes!