Thursday, February 11, 2010

Didn't Your Mom Teach You Not to Steal?


 Yes...but when I saw a cute fabric basket for holding pens and pencils on Etsy, I didn't want to buy something I knew I could easily make...  That's not really stealing, is it?

Here's the original "Pretty Flowers Tasket Set" that I spied on Etsy by Jenn Maruska Designs:

And here's my attempt at "creating my own version" of her design:


Overall, I'm mildly impressed on how my basket turned out.  I love the Alice in Wonderland fabric I picked out!  Though, I encountered a few bumps in my design-build process.  I began the "tasket" by encasing the rick rack between the two main basket panels, and that didn't work out very well when I went to sew them into a cylinder.  As you can see by my "fix" in the first picture, I wasn't really that worried about it.  I also didn't bother to calculate the correct size circle I needed for the bottom.  I just estimated, sewed...and it seemed to work!  Once it was finished, I thought it was very flimsy and fell over easily.  Well, it is only made from fabric.  I think that some sand or beans worked into the bottom would be a nice touch.  I really want to make one to use as a pencil jar for work, so I might try again considering some of these changes.

And don't worry, you won't be finding these for sale in my Etsy shop.  I'll leave it to Jenn to sell the official Jenn Maruska Designs tasket sets!

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