Monday, February 15, 2010

Highway Robbery

This evening, I took a ride through the blustery snow to get a leak fixed in one of my car's tires. Five minutes and $2 after entering the store, I left it with a repaired tire. Did I miss something? These days, you practically have to pay someone $5 to take $2 away from you. What a steal!  Tonight, I think I pulled off literal highway robbery!

Which reminds me, yesterday, my Valentine made an extra stop for me while we were out at Joann Fabrics.  I happened upon a sweet collection of Gutterman 100% cotton thread: 18 spools for $9.97!  That's 55 cents a piece for some pretty colors of quality thread.  I think I've gotten some stellar deals recently.  Hmm...I better go shopping again tomorrow to make sure my luck doesn't shift.  Check out my new colors:

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