Thursday, February 18, 2010

Back to the Crafty Office

Now that I'm refreshed by another long day...hmm...  Now that I'm finally nestled into my couch, computer on my lap, cat to one side and coffee to the other, I return back to work.  But only for the benefit of those of you faithful followers, biting your nails after the abrupt ending to my last blog post.  So without further ado, reference the picture and check out some of the cool stuff that sits on my desk!

1. Standard issue office writing implements.  Boring.

2.  My cell phone hiding my Swinging Cats Note Pad from boygirlparty.  I try to keep my cat stuff to a minimum, but the fab cats swinging on this brightly colored notepad always make me smile.  It's reserved for personal notes only!

3.  Speaking of personal notes, I like to leave myself little notes on this Mini Chalkboard from revelry.  Currently, it sports the words "out 2 lunch."  I still regret not having purchased a medium sized just doesn't fit all my big ideas!

4.  Postcards from Rome, Florence and Capri.  Strictly for daydreaming.

5.  At the beginning of the year, I searched for my favorite calendar on Etsy, and this one by greenkaijyu won!  Green was really sweet and customized the calendar so I could hang it up, saving valuable desk space!

6.  My favorite desk top item, the one I made!  Although I cheated a little by put a pencil holder inside of it to give it a little more rigidity, I love that I have something I made on my desk.  And I'm constantly using it!   Ah...if only I could be at home making more...


So for those of you faithful readers, bloggers, crafters and Etsy fiends that made it to the bottom of this post, what else can I add to my desk to submerse myself into a craftier world??

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  1. Wow, the chalkboard looks awesome on the desktop! Thanks so much for mentioning it :-)