Saturday, September 25, 2010

Junk Drawer No More


With summer over, Indian Summer wanes on, and I spent most of September fully well knowing where my rotary cutter has been: in the drawer unused.  Today, I’m back faithful bleaders!  (Short for “blog readers.”  I’m halfway through Julie & Julia and couldn’t resist the reference.)  I just finished another project from One-Yard Wonders and it’s already been put to good use!

Junky Junk Drawer Organized Junk Drawer

My kitchen drawer this morning.

My kitchen drawer now!

Yet another project I started *mumble mumble* months ago, I am more proud that I’m finished and organized then I am annoyed at the pattern. 

Step 1: Prepare the Interfacing

The first step in the Origami Organizer pattern requires a lot of measuring and marking on a 30”x30” square of interfacing.  Unable to purchase a wide enough piece, I opted to overlap two pieces and pin them together.  So this afternoon, I sprawled out on my living room floor and measured and marked a piece of interfacing that was resistant to being measuring and marked.  I originally abandoned the project on this step, but determination to organize my junk drawer prevailed.

Step 4: Precrease the Grid Lines

Once I got past the initial disgust of the interfacing, my first fabric origami project started to take shape.

Step 5: Fold the BoxThe too quick folding and sewing steps were fun and gratifying, but soon, a slower paced hand stitch lead me to a grumpy finish.  The bottom piece, described in the book as “slightly smaller than the box,” was (big surprise) not quite big enough.  For the benefit of my junk drawer, I stitched it on anyway.  I suppose this project wouldn’t have made the book if you needed a “yard of fabric plus and inch.” 


Finished Origami Organizer in Hope Valley Diamond Dandy by Denyse Schmidt Designs

In the end, it may not fit this perfectionist’s high standards, but boy does it organize junk!

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