Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lavender Fields Forever

 Jill at the Lavender Farm

A Saturday away from my sewing room, good things happen to those who stop waiting and just got for it.  Yesterday, instead of driving past Peace Valley Lavender Farm, I finally stopped there to check it out.   I’m so glad, because I did something new and fun!

At the farm, a quintessential Pennsylvania barn backs a hill of lavender.  The aroma of lavender pulls you into a little shop in the barn, where you can purchase many lavender products and infused goods, and if you lucky enough to get there during the flowering season, you can even pick your own lavender bunches.

Tools for picking lavender.

At a dollar an ounce, it’s a fun little activity for anyone!

Harvesting lavender.

After picking some lavender, a quick trip up the street landed me at Tabor Farm and Orchard, another gem right around my corner that I never knew about.  I indulged in an waffle cone with two huge scoops of homemade lavender ice cream, and now I can’t wait to go back and pick apples this fall and get more yummy baked goods!

Fresh Lavender

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