Thursday, November 4, 2010

Boarder Crossing

Jill in the leaves.

My sewing machine whirled and hummed away tonight; so, I’m back to blogland with the results, just as I had promised myself!

Fat Quarter Quilt

I can’t believe I finally finished this quilt top!  (All I had left was to cut out and sew on the outer boarder…I’m 99% positive the center of it has been done for a year.)  I think I’m going to call it my Wonderland Quilt because of the bright colors and varied floral patterns.  It seems very curious to me. 

One thing I discovered tonight is that it’s very difficult to photograph a large quilt.  It’s tough to get the whole quilt in one frame, with the right lighting, not on a skewed angle and keeping the cat off it all at the same time.

Polly was looking for attention.

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