Sunday, November 14, 2010

It’s a snap!

Jill, trying to keep the glare from her computer off her glasses.

I got a new toy, I mean, tool last week and finally took it out of the packaging for a test drive.  It’s my very own Dritz Pliers!  You know, for adding snaps to all my craft projects, in a snap, of course!


my snap pliers

Many thanks goes to Annie Rose’s online tutorial from Cowgirl Snaps for helping me avoid any frustration that these pliers would have encumbered upon me.  After carefully reading, and re-reading the tutorial, I’m feeling confident that I can snap together anything!

My first snap! Now you can tell it's a little bent...

I smartly practiced my new tool on some scrap fabric first. My first (half) snap came out a little wonky.  I persisted, re-read the tutorial, and went a little more slowly with the second snap.

A much better snap.

That one came out much better; however, I realized I could go back to my original snap, ply again, and get it to straighten out a little bit.   Actually, enough to look good!

Snaps in a snap! 

The little nubby part of the snap (the other half) went in perfectly.  Third time’s a charm!  I can’t wait to order some snaps from Cowgirl Snaps on Etsy and add snaps to everything!  <evil laugh>

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