Sunday, June 6, 2010


The 1994 Ford Aerostar sitting in the driveway could no longer tow all that life has to offer.  So, MrBeans and I upgraded to a fully loaded Ford F-150 Crew Cab, circa 2001.  (Growing up in Virginia, it’s hard to believe this is my first truck!) We’ve heard that an F-150 will run forever, so we’re hoping it will give us  10 more years of powerful hauling, towing and multiple trips back and forth to Home Depot and Lowes. 
2001 Ford F-150
Instead of being creative yesterday, I spent most of it sitting around a dealership …yuck.  Now, I’m making up for it by doing the usual Saturday chores around the house, before finally sitting down to sew.   Currently too lazy to look for my rotary cutter, or do chores,  I think that MrBeans’s day is a mildly more interesting story.
Gas Sipping Prius
I drive a Prius.  I love the car, and MrBeans and I always joke about it “sipping” gas as we pass by much  larger, less environmentally friendly, gas guzzling vehicles.  (Take note, we just bought a ginormous truck.)  So,  MrB, has spent the past two hours driving back and forth (5 times?)  in this said “new” truck  to his parent’s house to pick up  bucket loads of stone. 
Gas Guzzling F-150
I thought the point of buying a big, powerful truck, was to fill it with _____ all at once, in one trip.  But no.  Why get the sparkly clean bed dirty with a pile of stone.  Instead, take multiple trips back and forth to fill up a bunch of little buckets.
Quote from Mr. Beans, “I’ve already used a quarter of the tank!”
on one of these trips, he found his parent’s two recycle bins, which he also filled with stone.  You know, so he could make fewer trips.   Since it was too difficult to get them into the truck bed,  he put them in the cab, on top of the clean seats.  “But don’t worry honey, I put the new floor mats under them...”    Ah, truck-hood…
I <3 Rocks

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