Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Crazy Pipe Cleaner Lady

And no, I’m not talking about myself…

Rose ring top view

Yesterday, my friend posted a link on Facebook to a pipe cleaner flower ring on Martha Stewart’s website.  Well, since it’s MS, I had to click!

Best decision I made all day!

Ring side view

This crazy Pipe Cleaner Lady, Wendy Baner, makes everything out of pipe cleaners.  I think she even throws pipe cleaner parties!  Well, on the Martha Stewart Show, she shows Martha how to make rose pipe cleaner rings.  Since there wasn’t any good pictures of them, and I had pipe cleaners laying around, I made one!  It was super, super easy, took me about three minutes and comes out beautifully!  Don’t think, just follow the links and make one for yourself!

Needs a pedicure

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