Sunday, May 23, 2010

Onesie Under Glass, Revisited

A couple months ago, I heard the one of my customers loved their onesie so much, that they put it “under glass.”  I decided this was such a cute idea to display my custom onesies, (the best way will always be baby wearing it,) that I displayed one in a frame to show off for North Wales Day!


It would be so cute hanging  in a the nursery!, maybe even with a picture of Dad, Mom and Baby in the shadowbox frame. 

I added in the the little sox for another personalized touch.  I can only image the hand-me-downs that could make this an extra special display: a picture of Dad, Mom and Baby mom, or dad’s baby sweater or shoes, a rattle, hospital bracelets...  On North Wales Day, I was slightly embarrassed to explain that I didn’t make “the booties” in my display.   Though maybe, it was just a complement that my onesies looks very professional!

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