Sunday, May 16, 2010

North Wales Day 2010


Yesterday, for the first time I set up my shop at a local community day!   From 10am to 4pm the streets of North Wales  filled with booths from local businesses and charities (instead of cars) so that the town’s folk could shop, eat, learn, and play with fellow community members while enjoying the beautiful day.  For the bargain price of $25, I purchased a spot to set up my first have craft table!

onesies on display

I brought my custom onesies, creatively displayed on a clothes rack with string and clothes pins, to sell, as well as some embroidered burp cloths, Bean’s Clutches, fabric pottery, wine totes and wine bags.  The hit of the day was my fabric pottery!  I sold 5 out the 7 bowls I brought!

 my craft table setup

MrBeans brought some cool repurposed window greenhouses he made, that a lot of townies oo’ed and ah’ed at, but alas, did not purchase. 

I certainly enjoyed the day outdoors, and it was a good “low
key” experience for my first time out on the streets!

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