Saturday, August 1, 2009

Bookmarks for Graduates

I know it's already August, but I'm still attending graduation parties! Luckily, I've simplified giving graduation gifts by designing my bookmarks for recent grads!

One thing I've found that's fun and easy to sew together are bookmarks. They don't take too much time or fabric, and they're a great way to take a break and get those creative juices flowing on a small scale. (...I'm still working on that Year at a Glance quilt that just seems to be getting bigger and bigger...)

I cut out two pieces of fabric, about 2 1/2"x8" for the front and back of the bookmark. Then, I sew my design onto the front of one piece of fabric. I put the front and back facing each other, sew around the edge, but leave a little room to flip the little thing back right-side out. Once it's flipped around, I stitch around the edge and have a cute little bookmark!

The bookmark pictured is for Inga, who is going to Goucher College this fall. Good Luck, Inga!

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