Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy Anniversary SewBeans!

Jill at the cafe.

August marks the 1 Year Anniversary of the opening of my shop and my first sale!  It all started with a dream and this little kite bookmark:

High, Up in the Sky Kite Bookmark

After bookmarks, I added custom embroidered onesies, camera straps, wine totes, Bean’s Clutches, a set of fabric coasters, Burpies & Bunnies burpcloths, and wine bags to that list of sales.  I’ve almost reached my goal of 100 sales this year, which will be such an exciting accomplishment! 

I’m very excited about how much more my little shop will evolve in the next year.  In celebration, I am having a sale and am hopeful about getting some new items up in my shop this month…maybe I’ll even become a little more blog savvy.

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