Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Zip Zip

Jill all smiles.

How can too much of a thing be bad, especially when it come to zippers, right?


I’ve finally got a kick start on my Barcelona Skirt!  Yay!  Unfortunately, when I went to put on the zipper, I realized that I purchased one that didn’t match.   Here’s a tip: bring a fabric swatch when you’re picking up the zipper. 

So, I sent MrBeans off to correct my blunder.

While I was out for the evening, I sent him off with a scrap of fabric, the old zipper and instruction to “exchange it for one that matched the fabric, blue or grey.”  Not wanting to make a mistake, MrBeans exchanged one zipper for several in different colors and sizes.  At least one of that had to be right, right?  Jackpot! 


  1. so which one did you use? is this a puzzle?

  2. Not a puzzle...one of them it actually the right size and close enough in color. I might have to return a few of them later.