Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sofa Queen

About a month ago, I ordered this adorable Couch Potato Eye Pillow Kit from Scarlet Fig on Etsy. (And some awesome fabric with donkeys wearing wellies, but we'll worry about that another day.)  The perfect packaging claims, "Make in twenty minutes."  HA!  I made it five!  It was so fun and easy!

The simple kit comes with a panel of her beautifully designed couch fabric, a bag of aromatic lavender, and instructions for making this lazy day eye pillow in enough time to still have plenty of time left over to enjoy it.  All I added was a little bit of thread and some rice found in my kitchen cupboard, and I was enjoying my refreshing nap in a field of flowers.


I remember choosing from three different couch colors, but when I went to her shop to check them out, she seems to be "taking a break from her store."  I sure hope she's working on some new fabric designs!   Or maybe she's on here own couch...pillow on eyes...

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