Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I was talking to my friend last night on the phone, and she asked what I was doing. "Oh, I just put dinner in the oven." I could hear her pregnant belly rumbling. "What are you making?!?" she asked. "Meatloaf!" was my response. "...Oh."

Why does meatloaf have such a bad rap? On top of it all, I used this recipe I found online. It was delicious and my husband had to push his plate away and give me his fork to stop eating!

I get so annoyed while reading recipes when people write reviews saying "the recipe was great - and here are the things I changed about it."

Well, I guess I need to get over myself.

I added Parmesan cheese to mine, and used Emeril's Original Essence instead of seasoned salt. I hate onions, so I just added onion powder. Oh, and I didn't meaure anything out, after all, it's ony meatloaf. Just make sure you have a couple hours to prepare so it has plenty of time to cook.

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  1. Pat said, "what is it with you guys and meatloaf?"