Saturday, March 12, 2011

Winter Doesn’t Inspire Me

Jill and her niece

It’s been a while, and I can’t promise I’m back.  I suppose I’ve been busy with work during the days.  (Half of my department went out on maternity leave over the holidays, leaving my other coworker and me swamped!)  And at nights, I snuggle under layers of quilts, too nervous to get up even for some hot chocolate for fear of my toes getting cold. 

But with a bit of spring finally warming up the air, I found some motivation this morning to sneak out from under my quilt and revisit an old project.  Remember my DIY fabric wreath?  I’ve been thinking about making another for some time, so I found the perfect excuse.  We’re hosting a Dinner & Auction at church, and I thought this would the perfect item to donate to the auction!

Materials: Straw Wreath and Fabric

I bought a straw wreath from the craft store for not more than $3.  (I didn’t even use a coupon.  Tisk. Tisk.)  Then, while searching through my fabric stash, I found some perfect pastel batiks, unused for quite some time.   As long as someone purchases it for more than $3, I think this will have been a profitable endeavor. 

A beautiful Easter centerpiece!

iphone 017

The colors make me feel closer to Spring!  I hope it fetches a pretty penny at the auction!  Speaking of Spring, my neighbor just knocked on my door trying to sell me lemonade.  Spring is in the air!

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