Monday, October 4, 2010

Most Fun DIY Wreath Ever


This has to be the most fun fabric wreath to make!  Super easy, inexpensive, quick, stress relieving, and turns out handsomely…what more could you want in a craft project?!

DIY Fabric Wreath

A friend of mine found this project on the blog, The DIY Show Off, and after trying it herself, insisted that I make one.  What a great friend!  I love admiring how beautifully this wreath came out and dreaming of what fabrics to make the next out of.   I finished this first wreath in about an hour.  It’s as simple as pinking some fabric squares then jabbing them into a straw wreath form with a screw driver.  (That’s the stress relieving part of it!) 

Close up on my "leaves."

The vine pattern batik I picked out at Joann Fabric (and purchased with a 50% off coupon!) was perfect for this project.  With the pinked edges, the wreath has a very organic texture.  I didn’t use any glue, and the fabric used totals a yard and a third.   My wreath didn’t have any bare spots, but there were plenty of places I could have added more fabric if I had it.

My fabric wreath hanging in my dining room.

I tied it with some grosgrain ribbon, and hung it from my old porch door.  Love it!  I can’t wait to make the next!

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