Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Not-so-“egg”-cellent Wreath


A friend of mine discovered a really cute Easter wreath on a do-it-yourself craft blog, and since we have a reputation for making wreaths together, she thought it would be a fun project for us to whip together for our front doors.  Making the wreath involves wrapping many plastic Easter eggs with different pastel colored yarns, and with much help from the glue gun, you attach the yarns to the eggs, and ultimately, the eggs to the wreath.  The finished picture on the blog made it look to cute…

Egg Wreath

Until you start wrapping the eggs.  And wrapping…

Having fun wrapping eggs.

And wrapping…


So in conclusion, it took a lot of time to wrap yarn on plastic eggs.  We certainly didn’t have enough eggs to cover one wreath, more or less one for each of us to hang on our doors.  This year, we have a bowl of yarn wrapped plastic Easter eggs.   Let’s just say, don’t try this at home if you want an Easter wreath for this year.



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